Wednesday, January 4, 2012

new years eve...

new years eve was very low-key. we had some eggnog, watched an episode or 2 of how i met your  mother, and .....wait for it...we were in bed by 11. i know. it's a miracle i made it that late; by 9:30 i could barely keep my eyes open. i randomly woke up at 11:56 and then heard all the cheering and fireworks outside. shortly after, i was back asleep ;)
jacknog; turns out, i wasn't a fan. sailor jerry's spiced rum is much better with eggnog.

 french press + milk frother = amazing. + mimosas, too.
 i felt like being extra nice this morning, and made coffee, mimosas and blueberry pancakes before dylan woke up.
morning kiss.

peeling garlic for dinner. god i love garlic.
not happy with my cake...bottom layer cracked right across.
smiling, even though i'm holding the ugliest cake i've ever made. still tasted great though. and i'm still eating leftovers today.

new years day was much better than nye in my opinion. we ate well, as you can see, watched a lot of how i met your mother, and didn't leave the house once. and, i also forced dylan to watch kourtney and kim take new york with me. he said he judged me for it and that he had never seen a group of more sad, boring people in his life. sundays episode was a little boring though, no? but i do see his point ;)


The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

Sounds about like my nye...your pancakes look yummy!!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Sounds like we had similar nights. Glad you had a good NYE!

Nikolett said...

Your New Year's Day looks so cute and an awesome way to ring in 2012! Pancakes and cake ... yummy. And I'm the type who makes ugly-looking but pretty tasty cakes so I think that cake looks delicious :D Happy 2012!

Clarinda said...

Mmm....that breakfast looks fab! What a super cute morning kiss picture.

Happy New Year!

Raven said...

you two are just adorable.

and jacknog. gross.

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