Wednesday, December 21, 2011

family time...

i finally got to go home on sunday/monday and it was long overdue! i finished my christmas shopping, and pretty much hung out with my parents. it was great. over the 2 nights, we watched christmas vacation (duh), four christmases (if you haven't seen it, i highly recommend it. it's become an absolute must every year now), and the grinch. we had homemade soup, a fresh baked lemon cake, and lots of christmas treats. and some rum and eggnog. and a fire going. good times.

the night before, my parents had company and my dad had made these! aren't they great? olives stuffed with cream cheese, and then carrot feet and nose!
the little miss got a haircut. and a christmas bow. and then dylan photobombed.
 the downstairs tree. filled with presents galore.
 the upstairs 'victorian' tree.
playboy (err playgirl?) pose in front of the fireplace? where's the furry rug?
 so delicious. why does eggnog have to be so bad?
no fancy pinterest wrapping for me! i'll stick to the classic stuff, thanks. plus, it's what was available ;)

  just peeking outside.

anyways, i'm off to a quick early shift this morning at work, then it's our annual girls christmas dinner. it's our 8th or 9th year..i can't keep track. it's always a potluck, but this year we're going out for mexican! yum yum yum. so after work, i've got to head back to my place, get myself ready, and take the bus back home. cheers! because i know we'll be downing the sangria tonight!


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Very pretty pictures. Have a very merry Christmas Bree!

Nagehan said...

That is the most gorgeous Christmas Tree ever! ;)

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