Thursday, December 29, 2011

christmas magic...

oh christmas. you were awesome. as usual. i got spoiled by my parents, and lets face it, that never gets old! the only down side is that it didn't snow. boo his.
 christmas eve family picture.

the animals should be used to this by now. but mocha (the cat) really hates it.
 christmas even pj tradition.
and i get to pick 1 present from under the tree to open.  it ended up being this bracelet i had asked for :)
my mom goes overboard. i asked for maybe 3-5 things this christmas. my dad just shakes his head. (a lot of things were like $20 and under, but i'm aware it's still an awful lot.)
 sniffing out her goodies.
 a box of books from my amazon list!! what's better?!
stocking time! i won 5 whole dollars on that scratch ticket! i'm rich!

looking on...
whatcha got there grandma? they were opening my gifts to them.

i got a bunch of gift cards, a french press and milk frother (woohoo!), a big travel bag, clothes, jewelry, makeup, a bunch of movies, a lot of books, and some other things. my amazon wishlist is now empty! i'll show ya which ones tomorrow.

what was your favorite thing you got this year??


Amanda said...

Love everything you got! I think I have two favorite gifts so far... One a Dalmatian calendar from my co-worker and the second was homemade french macarons. My sister baked them from SCRATCH for me :) Can't get better than that!

Amber said...

Going overboard for Christmas is something I'm guilty of too, it's so fun! Love that big box of books!

The Sweet Life said...

Sounds like you got hooked up!! Loving the box of books!

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