Thursday, October 27, 2011

mad libs...

remember mad libs? i used to love doing those. well, i saw one on glamour and figured i would give it a go.
here are the list of words to fill out-
1. tv show
2. crush’s name
3. adjective
4. same person as #2
5. plural body part
6. adverb
7. color
8. adjective
9. brand of shoes, plural (i.e. vans, jimmy choos, keds, etc)
10. animal
11. superhero
12. body part (singular)
13. beverage
14. musician or band
15. number

now, here's how mine turned out...

you planned to celebrate october 31st by staying in and watching the criminal minds marathon, but then matthew gray gubler invited you to his best friend’s famously fancy halloween party. matthew has legs that make you swoon, so could you refuse?
you quickly rifle through your closet looking for outfits that you can pass off as a costume. When you come across your black scarf, colorful leggings and your favorite pair of converse, you realize you’ve got it! you’ll head to the part dressed as a sexy penguin!

But when he arrives to pick you up in a revealing wonder woman costume, you know immediately you two are staying in for the night. You coyly grab him by the nose and head into the kitchen where you seductively pour 2 glasses of vodka 7. you both head to the bedroom, put on your favourite john mayer cd, and you guys go at it for the next 7 minutes.

trick or treat! 

well hot damn. i'm a sexy penguin!? and a man dressed as wonder woman? no wonder i knew we were staying in for the night! and 7 whole minutes? oww oww ;)

oh, just me and my bf at a halloween party last year ;)


Jamie said...


Amanda said...

This is such a fun idea and very funny! You getting excited for Halloween? No? You sure? hehehe

erinj0 said...

haha I love this!!!

skippysays said...

Hehe, I remember those!! Mine always had "poopy" or "toilet" in there somewhere :)

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