Thursday, June 16, 2011

awkward and awesome...

-getting a call for an interview.
-woofstock. being around hundreds of dogs.
-free samples all around toronto. pizza, starbucks drink samples, shampoos and conditioners, burts bees cream, string cheese, drinks...
-real hosuewives of OC. just watched the whole 6th season in about a week. please tell me alexis isn't invited back; i can't stand to listen to the stupid shit that comes out of her mouth one more second. it's 2011, not 1950.
-the weather. the sun. the heat.
-a friend of me and dylan's from college that moved back to toronto this week. i know dyl is super stoked for this. we'll probably grab a drink on a patio tomorrow.
-3 new books from my favorite used book store. all true crime ;) actually, one is about the 'psychoanalysis of destructive people' - think criminal minds, but real. i'm excited for that one.

-answering the phone, as mentioned above, and my phone RESTARTING mid call!!! (this is awful, not awkward). i died. i looked at my screen and it was black with a little white apple on it. i'm staring there, my heart pounding hoping it turns back on, meanwhile searching online for the phone number i need to call back. thank gosh that worked out. but seriously phone, talk about the worst time ever to do that for the first time.
-interviews. period. i haven't been to one in, oh, 7 years...
-taking chloe out for her nightly pee, walking back to my place, turning around and seeing a shadow real close. heart pounding thinking someone is following me. realizing it's my own shadow.

 awkward is also spilling milk like a 2 year old.


Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

Nope, my son is 2 he no longer spills his milk hehehe :) I love warm weather too :)

Amanda said...

HAHA. I spilled three times yesterday --
my water bottle
my milk
my cereal box

all within a 30 minute span. no big deal.

Happy Thursday, Bree!

Mrs. Pickle said...

I was on a job interview once and the lady was acting like a stuck up bitch so I said, “Yeah, I am actually going to cut this interview short. I don’t think I want to work for a cunt like you.” Her jaw dropped and while I was walking out of the room I said, “Oh and don’t call me I will call you!”

I hate job interviews

Unknown said...

Good luck on the job interview!

Suzzie Vehrs said...

Good Luck on your interview!

safire said...

Good luck with your interview! I can't stand Alexis either and her husband.

Cole said...

I spill all the time:)
Congrats on getting an interview! Good luck!

colleen said...

a criminal minds book sounds pretty sweet.

Clarinda said...

Awkward and awesome! Love it!! :)

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