Friday, May 13, 2011

ground zero and a view like no other...

sunday night was the night the world had found out bin laden was killed. the next morning we went down to ground zero with all the others. it was pretty cool to be there at that time...

 in the nearby church
 down by ground zero

lots of lots of people, along with news folk

then there's a little break in the pictures. we went to times square where i got sick, then we went back to our place so i could nap and feel better. but, around 7:30, i got myself ready and we went to the top of the rock and dessert at serendipity.
 errr, you're missing the R
 central park-holy crap it's huge! i mean, i knew it was, and i've seen it on a map, and walked through it, but wow...

 do you know how hard it was to find a person who could take a proper picture of us with a dslr??! wow, quite the challenge!! haha especially at night. luckily, this man was very nice and tried a billion times for us.
 this is 3 pictures which dylan put together. ugh, i wish it looked as big and high quality as it does on my computer.. if you click to enlarge though, it looks better.
 and same for this one..
 his very own candy bar!
frozen hot chocolate and a coward sized sundae  to share


Holly Diane said...

awesome shots! So happy I found your blog.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I have chills from those first could of pics. Wow. And I could totally go for a frozen hot chocolate!

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