Thursday, April 7, 2011

today i don't feel like doing anything...!!! 3 finals in 2 days. done.
do you know how relieved i feel??
my next one isn't until the 18th.
seriously, i haven't been able to breathe this whole semester.
it's been, by far, the most challenging semester.
the workload was intense.
the readings were endless.
the papers kept coming.
but i did it.
i would take a picture to show you how happy i am..
but last night i looked like a tired, haggard mess when i got home at night...
and this morning it's still too early, and i'm not ready...
but basically...
 i want to do a little dance...
and smile big.
and i'm out.
to relax. and do nothing today.

also, yesterday i sat through my last lecture of undergrad

**title-bruno mars (the lazy song)
perfect, no?


Lauren Nicole said...

yayyy! good for you!
you deserve a day out :)

good luck on your next one, i'm sure you'll do great!

i have three more weeks and then i'm done with semester. counting down the days :D


Amanda Schroeder said...

ahhh man do i ENVY you right now! I Have 3 more weeks to go & i feel you! it's completely intense! good job & you'll do way good on your last final!!

♥ xoxo.

Pia said...

Yay!! That is so awesome! I love the feeling of finishing an exam.
And good luck for the 18th! :)

Elaine said...


Amber said...

Yaaay Bree!
You are adorable. That is all :)

christine donee said...

Congrats! I just finished my midterms and could not be more ready to do nothing but sleep and veg out. Yup.. eat ALOT of chips and candy and sleep forever. Sounds great.

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