Thursday, April 14, 2011

road trippin'...

oh, didn't i tell you? i went for a sweet bike ride this weekend. just me and the open road. so relaxing...
i loved having the mountains behind me, the trees on either side of me. freedom, i tell ya. 

juuuuust kidding, of course.
 just playing around on dylan's brothers bike that he's fixing up.
i'm so sexy on a bike.
makes me look hard.core.
i should get a tattoo on my butt to match this new image.

(dylan very quickly (obviously) 
photoshopped the first picture) 


C.A.H.B said...

haha the 1st pic of you made me chuckle!! xxxx

Dree said...

Haha! I am shocked to see the new side of you! Yeah, my grandmother actually used to ride a Harley. She was in a motorcycle group for retired people. She's finished with it now but I can't watch Sons of Anarchy in the same way..

annie [pretty♥please] said...

lol! I thought the first picture was real!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow...those are some mad photoshopping skills!! hehe.
I once climbed aboard my husband's dirt bike and it nearly squashed me--I couldn't even hold the dang thing up.

Anonymous said...

Aww You look cute on a bike :D
Real hardcore

Amanda Schroeder said...

hahhaa. i thought for a second that that was real. but then i had to take a double take. mm i love motorcycles. but... yeah. you can totally pull of the sexy biker babe kind of girl. muaha.

little luxury list said...

Haha, that would be me too! Looking great on a nice, stationary bike!

Thanks for stopping by and I love that swing in the living room too!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

*Allie* said...

Nice! Love that picture of you on the open road! My husband wants to get a bike and it makes me reeeaal nervous.

Love your blog! Thanks for checking out mine as well!

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