Wednesday, March 23, 2011

oh hey, it's you again...

woke up to snow this morning. last week, we were all in light jackets and it got to about 15 degrees. but once spring officially showed up, the snow decided to sneak back in. probably the last snow fall, so i'm kind of loving it. don't hate me! (i had a nice little heart drawn until chloe stuck her little paw in the top left corner).

and my day is made better by finding out that last night my mom did my taxes. i'm getting back enough to cover the whole cost of our 4 nights at the b&b in NYC and more! woohoo. now that moolah doesn't have to come out of my pocket! *37 days*


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I am SO mad. It started snowing last night and it's a damn blizzard out there today. Almost all the snow was gone and now it's all white, grr.

Summer Athena said...

sweetness! you are headed here? yay! do you need recs of any sort?

we owe on taxes. stupid.

Gabriella said...

To be honest, I'm so glad it didn't snow any more over here! x

Stephanie said...

I hope you have a great vacation! My husband and I are sneaking off in about a week for lots of Cancun sun! We can't wait!

Spring hasn't quite arrived here either, but I'm waiting patiently! Hopefully soon! : )

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

I am so sorry it is still winter over where you at. I dont want to rub it in but it's 77 over here and it's hot.

So I read your Kardahasian post and I have to say I love those girls. Khole is my favorite.

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