Monday, March 7, 2011

giving back...

my parents have done a lot for me. and still do. given that i'm an only child, some say i'm spoiled. i wouldn't necessarily deny that, but i certainly never got everything i asked for as a kid. but i did pretty well. even now, i know i'm lucky. but i don't brag about what my parents get me (i actually very rarely talk about it to friends) and i certainly don't consider myself stuck-up.

anyways, when i went to college for 2 years, my parents paid for that, along with my books. but when i moved to toronto for university, i got a loan to cover my rent and tuition. they can't do it all. understandable. and i have never expected them to. but, they still cover my books ever semester, pay my cable, phone and internet bill, and buy my groceries. they also furnished my whole apartment. i mean, i wouldn't be here without them. they also cover the interest on my loans every month. they bought me my laptop 4 years ago and when it was on the verge of dying for the past month, they bought me a new one. even though i said i would buy it.

that being said, there's a lot of things they would like to do or buy for themselves, but just don't. when i graduate in 2 months, hopefully i can find a job fairly easily and start paying back my loans. but once i'm on track with that, i would love to be able to get something for my parents. i've been thinking about it for a while now. me and dylan actually talked about it the other night. my dad loves his computer, but it's an old one. they talk of getting a new one, but i know they won't, especially now because they just bought me one. so i would love to be able to get my dad a new computer. and my mom? she loves taking pictures. they got me my Nikon for christmas, and my mom fell in love. again, she says she would love to get a DSLR of her own, but i know that will never happen. so it would be amazing to get my mom a camera.

i really hope that in the near future i'm able to do this for them. as a thank you, for everything they have done for me. some people might think, a computer, a camera? but those are two things that i know they would love. and i'm sure it would shock the hell out of them too ;)
i hope this doesn't come across as me 'showing off' or something for how much they get me, but rather that i'm appreciative for all they do for me.

i would upload a photo of the 3 of us, but my old laptop won't even turn on and i haven't transferred my pictures to my new one yet. they're still on an external hard drive.


Anonymous said...

i love this!

it is nice to see people so selfless like your parents and someone so gratious like yourself. you are very lucky to have them in your life :-)

<3 megan

Andrea Stevenson said...

What a great post. Seriouly, I think parents are way underappreciated. You're so sweet

Unknown said...

I know what you mean - It's so nice to be able to thank our parents for all they do for us! I wish I could spend a lot of money on them but it's just not possible on my entry-level job.

I find that a thank-you card goes a long way! (Until you can save enough for the computer and camera!)

Kitty said...

LOVE THIS! I know what you mean about giving back. I am the youngest of two, and my parents do everything they can for me currently. Some things I do even ask them to do and they do it.

When I'm financially back on my feet, I too am going to start giving back.

Katie said...

Heyy Bree,
I'm catching up on blog rights now because I've been a terrible blogger the last week or so...
I had so much school work :-/
It looks your doing great, love all your pictures esp. the ones doing your makeup!

I can totally relate to this post. Whenever its mothers day, fathers day, christmas or whichever holiday I feel that the older I get the more I wish I could give them something great!!
I do have a job but its nothing to get something to show them how much I appericate them!
I too when I get a real job, want to get them something nice. I'd love to take them on vacation and pay for it myself, or ge them something I usually couldnt buy while I was a student.

Parents are the best, I think I'd be totally lost without mine. <3

Hope school is going good lady!

Mish Mashh said...

beautiful post! my parents have also helped me selflessly in so many different ways i can completely relate to wanting to find a way to give a little back to them and show them how grateful you are! xo

Unknown said...

It's very refreshing to meet a person that shows this kind of appreciation towards their parents that have given them so much. I have a few friends that are just awful considering the opportunities and things they've had in life.

It makes you anything but "show off"ey :P I know exactly what you mean with getting them something they want but you know won't get for themselves. It's my mother's 50th this year and I feel the same about her gift.

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