Monday, March 21, 2011

even though i have 4 day weekends, they go by far too fast...

considering this weekend was dedicated to writing my 20 pager, it was surprisingly good! 
i went to forever 21 on thursday and it was a madhouse (hello march break!) and i don't know how i survived, but i ended up grabbing a cute summer dress, coral shorts and a plain white tee ($4 for a t shirt? i'll take it).
 chalk art-the guys that do these drawings are so talented

friday all day i worked on my paper, then dylan decided to come over after work at 7.
i made cupcakes. we watched some criminal minds. then we went to bed.
then on saturday, he left at 9:30 the next morning to go back to work again.
i was stuck still working on my paper.
then my girl friend messaged me and asked if i wanted company for the night.
that was certainly welcome, i needed a break.
so we watched 27 dresses, drank sangria, and watched youtube/funny or die videos.
 we also saw the supermoon. looked the same to me, but i guess now i get to be all cool, and say "yeah, i saw the supermoon that was the brightest in 18 years, DID YOU!?" maybe? i tried taking pictures of it.
 they turned out like this...
and this...
once again, when school is done, i am learning how to use that damn camera!!

oh, and i added formspring to the left there
in case anyone wanted to know...


Hepburn Hilton said...

They said that about the moon here to!! Looked the same to me though...Ha! That chalk art is amazing... I'm impressed!

Hillary said...

the chalk art is incredible! i've never been able to see one in person...

christine donee said...

I love chalk art - it's amazing what those guys can do!


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