Tuesday, February 22, 2011

thank yous and belated v-day...

**thank you for the comments regarding this post and my fear of the doctor and sending good vibes. she figures it's stress and this is my bodies way of reacting to it. with the stress i had of 3 midterms in 2 days, the overall stress of how hard/how much work this semester is, graduation, big changes, finding a job, paying off loans etc..it's just all overwhelming. i'm just waiting for the results of the blood test, but she certain it's nothing serious and i'm A OK. but, i did buy a beginners yoga dvd that i'm going to start doing to help me relax a bit.

**and thank you again for all the love about putting our dog down. they are 100% family and it s.u.c.k.s.

anyways, since i wasn't home for valentines day, i just my presents from my parents on the weekend. yep, i get valentines day gifts :)
 candy.candy.candy. (paleness due to almost fainting from blood work)
nikon d3100 for dummies..this will be very useful for me! and that popcorn in the front-that's caramel popcorn covered in white chocolate. it is absolutely ah-mazing!! it lasted me a day :)

basically, i've still been too busy to learn to use my camera (hence the stress!), but eventually i'll find the time...hopefully by fiddling around with it and using this book, i'll understand it soon enough :)


Mish Mashh said...
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Mish Mashh said...

first lovely blog! second, i had no idea they had "for dummies" books for cameras! just ordered my canon 450d for dummies so thanks! looking forward to seeing your pictures as your photography develops with the book!

Unknown said...

Yoga works wonders for my stress levels! Hope you feel better! And I'm so sorry about your family puppy, can't imagine the loss.

Amber said...

I love that! So sweet that your parents still do presents like that, awesome! :)

Slightly Undone said...

Awe, I'm sorry for your stresses and sads. Yoga is a good idea, also a meditation Pandora station (not sure if they have Pandora in Canada) is really nice to fall asleep to.

Keep your pretty head up!


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