Wednesday, February 2, 2011

so what wednesday...

 so what ...

-if i've been in a funk all week..such is life
-if i've been hoping for a huge, massive, heavy-hitting-24-hour-pounding snow storm while everyone else is hexing it like the plague
-if i've had mr. noodles for dinner once or twice this week. sometimes i just feel like it and satisfies my craving
-if i got dylans valentines day card and the next day when i went to sign it, i realized i forgot to pick up the envelope
-if i've lived in my place for 3+ years and i just found out on sunday that i get E! channel! that was so exciting.
-if i'm getting my hair done on friday even though it was colored just over a month ago. i've got grad pics in 2 weeks and i don't want roots (i normally wait 3-4 months!)
-if me and dylan watched what not to wear last night in our seperate places & texted about it the whole hour. long distance date! (did anyone else see it? the blonde crazy lookin' thing? whoa. but she actually looked good at the end. you knew she would underneath it all)

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also, i've got a bone to pick (not surprising this week)...we did not get the snow that was expected..there was snow warning and severe snow alerts all week for today..we got a bit, but not the 20-30cm predicted...well the news says we did, but i don't know what part of toronto it fell on..not where i am.
and-every school in the GTA (greater toronto area) is closed. my boyfriends, my friends, my old college, everything, except the campus i go to!!! my school has 3 campuses and 2 of them are closed, but not mine! arghhhh either way, i'm taking a self-proclaimed snow day for my 2pm class, but i have to go to my night class to hand in a stupid paper, otherwise i wouldn't be going to that either....not happy!!


Lauryn said...

That's always the worst, when your campus is the only one not closed after a snow storm. I used to hate that so much when I was in school. Hope you have a great day anyway!

daniela said...

Love the so-whats! There's no snow in my area either.

Can you just stop by the prof's office and hand in the paper early??

CarrieJo said...

i like this post.


Ashley said...

Love this post!

And the long distance date thing was super cute! :]

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