Monday, February 7, 2011

the bad, the good and the better...

first off, i'll tell you what i didn't do this weekend; watch the super bowl-no thanks.

dylan had been house sitting all week, so on friday i went over with my friend diana [we're a trio ;)] and we watched a couple hours of a criminal minds marathon. we all love that show. we had some chips, nachos and cheese and it was a good night.

saturday we got this crazy random blizzard and i wasn't planning on doing anything but homework all day/night, but i ended up going out with  my girl friends and dylan went to play poker. it's not that i plan on doing work at 11pm or anything, but my next day is really ruined when i got in at 4am the night before haha so i really debated whether to go or not.

buuut, i ended up going. the bad? the coat check ran out of hangers i guess and it was full! what gives? so i had to carry my damn coat around the bar the whole night. everyone else put them in a corner and left them, but i definitely wasn't leaving an expensive winter coat unattended. why did i wear an expensive coat? because it was a blizzard when we left and i wasn't about to stand in line with a flimsy coat. lose-lose situation.
the good? i spend $4 to get in, a friend bought me a drink, then i bought one myself. total-$9.50
the really good? i found $10 in the snow as we were leaving.
 twins! nope, they totally didn't plan that. they work together, both finished at 10:30, changed at work, and happened to wear almost identical outfits! (fyi, it's an excellent way to get guys to talk to you haha)
 don't worry, totally not a creeper in the back; it's dylans roommate, i just don't have long enough arms :P
 a little bit of haggard bang separation on the way home
also, the cabbie was hilarious. apparently he 'loves chinese girls' and as the girl in the front (the one on the left in the first picture) got out, he yelled "I LOVE YOU!" it was a little weird, but funny nonetheless.

and of course, i got in at 3:30am and was up by 8am. couldn't tell ya why. but it happened to be my most productive day of the weekend. hmm...(i think it's because i had no choice!)

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