Wednesday, January 19, 2011

up, up here we go...

oh haaayyy...i've been absent for the last 2 days. simply nothing to say. and no point writing something just to write when i have nothing to say. (side note: 90% of the time, i write monday-friday. the odd time i skip a day, i lose a follower..every.single.time. coincidence? maybe. but every time. kid you not..anyways...)

the reading this term is kicking my butt. i spent my weekend doing just that. i had 296 pages to read this weekend for this week of classes. now this weekend i have to read 350 for next week. i don't have the option to even fall behind because almost every week there is quizzes or mini assignments, plus there is the dreaded classes (2) that involves the 'p' word-participation. barf. so ya, that's basically what the next 12 weeks is going to be; averaging 300-350 pages a week. oh and there's the 5 20 page papers i have due within 1 month. seriously. i die. but, enough complaining.

when i get stressed, i'll just make stupid faces to pass the time and entertain myself.

good news? my weekend starts tonight. and we're supposed to get a bit of snow the next few days. holla.
oh, and it's my half birthday! ha, i totally don't celebrate that, but i just looked at the date and realized. 23.5 should be a good age..i feel it ;)

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daniela said...

This one time i got 32% in participation. Which is a mark i didn't know I had until right before the final exam. And you know how that mark came to be? Not showing up to class resulted in a 0 for participation. Showing up and not contributing resulted in a -1. Ya, a NEGATIVE. Sorry i didn't waste anyone's time by contributing fluff. A year after that, the uni didn't renew the prof's contract. Oh karma.

I keep meaning to ask - what program are you in? You've probably talked about this, sorry :/

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