Tuesday, December 14, 2010

we got llamas, brownies, fireplaces...

the snow keeps coming and going..i would really prefer it to stay...but for now, a few random things...
i would love to sit in this room by the fireplace..via.
the look of this room is so homey and warm.
and these are just too cute and easy. i might have to make them. i'm sure dylan wouldn't object. via
actually, i think i'm going to make them the girls pot luck we have coming up. i usually cover desserts every year. this year i'm making cake pops (ornaments and christmas trees) and i'll probably add these brownies trees because they're just too simple.
randomly found in toronto-just happens to be my initials
 llamas..in yonge dundas square (which is like toronto's times square on a smaller scale)
 and other farm animals. just a regular wednesday in toronto
 yep, hopefully. via
very true; via

see..very ran.dom. we got fireplaces, brownies, llamas, etc. wasn't that fun?
really though, i am studying for my last exam this semester. it's on thursday and i can't wait for it to be done.


Annie said...

i want some of those brownie trees, they look so yummy!!!
and this time of year, i totally wish we had a fire place. our main floor is always freezing!!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Not only are those brownies cute but they look delicious!

Hey Barbie said...

I love all of the pictures! And that you for all of the app suggestions! I am in love with Instagram too! I found one that you might like; All Recipes.com (you probably already have it!!!)

Hey Barbie said...

I meant to say *thank you* not "that you" LOL

daniela said...

OMG there were llamas at Y/D Square last week!??! My friend will be sooo disappointed that she missed them LOL

And do you add the 'L' to 'BK' so you don't get Burger King comments? I'd understand fully if that's the case. B/c I always get 'Donkey Kong' and have been known to answer to banana hahaha That's not as bad as being called 'whopper' tho lol

Nicole Jeannette said...

I LOVE those World Vision gifts. They're incredible and they change people's lives! That is so neat!

Anja said...

Aha, the S.T.U.D.Y. thing is great!

Sarah said...

Ohhh those brownies look delicious!

Katie said...

those brownies look soo good!!
Good luck on your finals I have 2 more!!!

dating diva said...

My last exam is on Thursday too! Hope yours goes well!


Unknown said...

those brownies look so yummy! good luck on your final...you'll do great!
xoxo, jamie

Deidre said...

Yum, I want to make those brownies now tooo! Yummmmy.

And that fireplace looks super cozy.

Unknown said...

those brownie trees are cute & creative!!! how would of thought??

cheers for food fun!

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