Wednesday, October 27, 2010

pictures through the iphone...

clearly i love the photo apps....
i debated posting this...because it's quite bad, but i thought what the heck! it's the 'jumbo' part of the 'LENSES' app
 LENSES app again
 some books..obviously
autumn candle
 cute little chlo
 face swap app..this provides the laughs
this is actually just a screen shot of 'tesla toy' app. there's really no purpose to it, but it's just pretty to watch your fingers create colorful particle movements..

other than having quite possibly the worst battery life i've ever seen or knew a phone could have, everything else about it is amazing! i'm addicted to taking pictures and have downloaded a tonne of the photo apps.  :)

oh ok, here's one more to send you on your way ;)


Harley said...

I'm addicted to photo apps too! I don't have an iPhone or a droid so instead I just clog up Scrubs' phone with photo apps and then take warped photos of his face while he's sleeping and giggle quietly to myself.

Fun for hours!

Unknown said...

I am in love with your book collection! MK&A, Vogue, and Chanel, fantastic taste!

Leah said...

I've heard that from everyone with an iphone-they are always, always charging it! Geez! I just got a blackberry last week and I think I'm going to have to charge it once every three days or so. Fun pics!

daniela said...

Call me crazy (which i probably am anyway) but the battery life might have something to do with playing with the photo apps!? HAHA But that's what it's there for!
When i'm not at home and use my BB for everything i also have to charge it like once every 24-36hrs so i think it's just the nature of the beast!

But i'm glad you are happy with your decision b/c buyers' remorse would have been terrible in this case! :)

Katie said...

Steve just got his iphone upgraded to iphone 4 and everytime Im with him I play with the camera! You have to download the app FatBooth its hilarious!!!! You take a picture of yourself and adds fat to your face I couldnt stop laughing!

Hey Barbie said...

Those are so funny! My boyfriend showed me this "Ugly Meter" last night. You take a person's picture and then it "calculates" how "ugly" you are. He got a 10/10 on the ugly scale, and told me it's a random generator. I think he just said that to make himself feel better ;)

Xo said...

The face swap is SO funny!! I love it and HAVE to try it! Thanks for the giggles!

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