Tuesday, August 10, 2010

a new woman!

my little baby girl got a cute little haircut on friday! now, if you remember from before, she becomes quite the scruffy lookin' thing within a few weeks after a cut, but hey, that's part of her charm!
just a reminder of the before..
and the after!
ok, so looking at these pictures, she may not look at different to you, but i swear, she got a good shave! i still wanted her to look like a terrier, not a poodle, so keeping the beard and crazy head hear was important. she looks like a puppy again :) and it really brought out her gray body haha she's such a mash-up of colors; gray/black-ish body, black head and ears with a red beard..but she's cute and that's all that matters.


Mrs. Tasha said...

Would love to have you join for my Try It Tuesday post..please share with your blog readers as well. You can get the link for it and the button on my page on the right hand side! Thanks so helping me make this a success :)

Stacy said...

YAY! Rory needed a haircut but I actually took to it MYSELF and did a pretty good job if I do say so! She was very squirmy though. I don't know those groomers do it!

Brittany said...

Cutie! I love puppies! i wish I still had mine.. but I know I dont have the time!

Kerry said...

aww she's such a cute dog!

k said...

how cute! we shave our dog and i like to keep him looking like a puppy too :)

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