Friday, July 30, 2010

photo montage time

Brittany at Unexpected Surprises is doing a photo montage giveaway. all you've got to do is take some pictures of yourself, or you with a friend, boyfriend, kid etc. that's it! for more info, go here!
you should probably be a little worried about me...
here i am!
pondering life..
sneaking a look...
hi all!
and one with chloe because she's cute (and scruffy, and needs a brush!)

so there you have it! my photo montage. it was fun. here i thought i took 4 or 5 pictures and i go to transfer them to my computer, and what's this...16!? what can i say, i'm entertained easily...
you've got until sunday, so go on and dooo itttt. at least check out her blog, i'm a new follower and she's adorable :) 
happy (long) weekend ♥

p.s. anyone watch jersey shore last night??? all i have to say is, there are now landmines along with grenades, nobody's ugly after 2am and "i am tanned and i like being tanned b*tch!" can't wait to see what other crazy hilarious things they come up with in the weeks to come..the previews look intense!!


Brittany said...


Steph @ Professors_Wife said...

Fantastic photos! Yes, Brittany's blog is so fun :)

Blicious said...

cute post!! love all the photos!!


Renee said...

Cute montage!

We're definitely going to try the cupcake recipe again someday. I was so bummed that we screwed up the icing. They looked adorable!

Julie. said...

left you an award on my page! :)

Marcie said...

What a fun post! I really like this idea. Your blog is so fun! I can't wait to read more.

xo Marcie

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