Friday, July 30, 2010

photo montage time

Brittany at Unexpected Surprises is doing a photo montage giveaway. all you've got to do is take some pictures of yourself, or you with a friend, boyfriend, kid etc. that's it! for more info, go here!
you should probably be a little worried about me...
here i am!
pondering life..
sneaking a look...
hi all!
and one with chloe because she's cute (and scruffy, and needs a brush!)

so there you have it! my photo montage. it was fun. here i thought i took 4 or 5 pictures and i go to transfer them to my computer, and what's this...16!? what can i say, i'm entertained easily...
you've got until sunday, so go on and dooo itttt. at least check out her blog, i'm a new follower and she's adorable :) 
happy (long) weekend ♥

p.s. anyone watch jersey shore last night??? all i have to say is, there are now landmines along with grenades, nobody's ugly after 2am and "i am tanned and i like being tanned b*tch!" can't wait to see what other crazy hilarious things they come up with in the weeks to come..the previews look intense!!


Brittany said...


Steph S. said...

Fantastic photos! Yes, Brittany's blog is so fun :)

Blicious said...

cute post!! love all the photos!!


ClosedOnSunday said...

Cute montage!

We're definitely going to try the cupcake recipe again someday. I was so bummed that we screwed up the icing. They looked adorable!

Julieeexo said...

left you an award on my page! :)

Marcie said...

What a fun post! I really like this idea. Your blog is so fun! I can't wait to read more.

xo Marcie

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