Thursday, July 15, 2010

memory lane embarrassing stories...

i'm not sure what made me think about these stories, but since i remembered them, i thought i would share! i only wish i had pictures on my computer at a younger age..or maybe i'm glad i don't!

1) back when i was a wee one, i was a little chunky. ok, not really, but i had always been really small. then after grade 2, i got a little bigger, got glasses, and got a little odd looking. didn't we all? anyways, maybe a year later, i think i was in grade 3, i was walking in the hallway at school to go to the washroom or something and i passed the teacher i had in grade 2. and what does he say when he sees me? "my you've gotten fat!" O-M-G..i was mortified; who says that!?? to an 8 year old, to a girl, to ANYONE!? he was a older man, probably in his 50's, 60's, who i loved when i had him. but seriously, i will never forget that haha

2) i guess this was a bad age for me because this story also happened around the 7 or 8 year old mark. once again, i was in school and i went to the washroom. so i'm sitting there, you know, doing my business. this girl who was a grade younger than me stood on the toilet next to me and peered over my stall!! as if that's not bad enough, she then says "you're an ugly duckling!" and gets down. wow, thanks, awesome. (how she was able to reach, i have no idea)

3) oh, and i just thought of this one. again, the same age-ish. i think i was around 8 or 9 actually, because i had glasses and i got those when i was 7. anyways, my uncle was getting married and i was a junior bridesmaid. i thought that was pretty awesome and i loved what i got to wear. the dresses were made by some lady so we had to go to her house every few weeks to try the dress on and get fittings etc. well wouldn't you know it, every time i went, the damn dress would be too tight! i was freakin' getting bigger by the weeks! now, at the time i didn't really know this. the adults were nice enough not to be like,"bree, lay of chips, you're in a wedding soon" haha

i think this makes me sound like i was a big kid, i really wasn't. i guess in comparison to now, i definitely looked chubby. it also sounds like i had a traumatic childhood haha i swear i didn't! and now that i think of it, there is ONE picture on my aunt's facebook of me at a young age. it was before my little weight gain stage, the rainbow glasses goes..
 yep, that's me right there! (blocked out my friend). now, if i were able to look in my mom's photo album, i could tell you exact date and exactly where i was, but no such luck. i'm guessing i'm 5 or 6.
ps. i still have those shorts. and i wear them (to bed occasionally). i'm now embarrassed.


Stacy said...

Haha, you're adorable! Those people are crazy! No one ever made comments to me like that when I was little but now my grandpa makes snarky little comments about me and how I need to lose a few. I've definitely put on what they would call "relationship weight" but it's not like I'm obese so shutup grandpa!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

You were such a cutie. So many people need to learn how to activate their filters!

Mrs. Blimes said...

ah, childhood can be a beast sometimes eh? at least you have a good sense of humor about it all! i can tell you that i went thru an "ugly duckling" phase around years 8-12 in a MAJOR way!

ps thanks for stopping by my blog!

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