Tuesday, July 20, 2010

it's (was) my birthday and i'll wear a crown if i want to...

 present pile from dylan! woot woot 
 Swarovski necklace from dyl-he's got some pretty good taste :) i only opened this one gift to start because he insisted, the rest were saved for 2 days later!
(you can click to enlarge) the awesome card dyl got me in the top right, and in the bottom right the non-baker who took the challenge to make me my cupcakes!! :):)
2 more true crime books from the bff..doesn't take much to please me-books and red velvet, and i got them both!!
yes, i wore a crown...
now, i don't typically do shots, like ever. i couldn't even tell you the last time..well i guess now my answer would be friday haha but they were girly ones i could handle
we went to about 4 different bars, walked in got a drink and shot and walked on to the next one. the first and last one we stayed for a bit. good times. exactly what i wanted. i'm so not a club person anymore..
our trio ♥

and before i knew it, the great night was over :( i know, there was a lot of pics, sorry!
tomorrow, i'll show a few gifts i got from dylan and my parents..hint hint-- it involves some fred stuff which i professed my love for here! i'm a very happy girl!

PS i just want to say THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes yesterday!! the messages i got throughout the day put a smile on my face :) ♥♥♥


Xo said...

Looks like a good time!

I am not a big drinker either but I do love pineapple upside down cake shots!

Brittany said...

how fun! I love pictures!

How sweet!

Looks like you had a great birthday! I had'nt done any shots in two years, but just started again.. and I have found some delish ones. Not that I go out that often.. but when I do I am finding some are really yummy!

Amanda - Small Home Big Start said...

Looks like you had a great time! Happy Belated Birthday!

Katie said...

you look gorgeous!!
We r summer birthday babies :)

**I could NEVER take shots until I went away to college now I down them like water and wanna kill myself the next day....

Unknown said...

looks like you had a fabulous time xxxx

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