Thursday, July 22, 2010

can someone please be my drill sargeant?

i need a swift kick in the ass. i want to do bikram yoga! (for anyone who doesn't know, you do 26 postures 2x each and 2 breathing exercises in a room with the temperature at 105 degrees and 40% humidity-and the classes are 90 minutes). i've talked about it a bit before, but that was a long time ago. let me recap. last april i think, a new studio opened up and i bought a week trial pass. i went 3 or 4 times and decided i liked it. so i told my mom that for my birthday, i wanted a 10 class pass. fast forward to present day, ie like 15 months later, i still haven't used one class. good thing the pass doesn't expire, so says the website. so now here i am, and i want to use them. i just don't want to go to my first class alone because it's been so long. i'm being a chicken.
while i may want to pass out during some of the poses, and look like i just took a dive in a pool when i leave the class, i love the way i feel when after. i've made dylan promise to come to a class with me, so i can get back on track.
so, will someone please yell at me to get my butt there and stop being a baby!?? because honestly, i want to go, and that's half the battle, right?
i kind of just want to be able to this haha ( via )

and really, the majority of the poses aren't that bad. there's just one or two in particular near the end where you have to put your head back and that always made me nauseous. but whatever, you get passed (or past? crap, i don't know) it. so please, do/say something to make me go haha


Unknown said...

Just go!!!!! haha, there have been a few times where I just fold and lie on the mat while everyone completes some crazy pose that my body refuses to believe in. So go to your last class, feel good about yourself and when in doubt, just lie down.

Unknown said...

sounds exhausting but really fun! so go girl!!! if i lived by you i would so go with you! you'll feel better with yourself if you just get the first one over with! have so much fun!
xoxo, jamie

Misty Michelle said...

Love your blog!

I go yoga but not "hot yoga" .. i already sweat enough in the regular classes! I went a few times and got HOOKED, so I bought a monthly membership which was $120/month. Now I go like once a month so the stress I relieve from yoga.. I am gaining in Buyers remorse! HAHA


Punky said...

Here's my advice...


Just GO!


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