Tuesday, June 8, 2010

what's your name...

i must say, this weekend was a good one. friday, i spent the day doing some readings for school and such and that's pretty much it. then saturday, 2 of my girlfriends came up for a visit. they both had to work until 6 and 7 and then get ready and then come to toronto, so they got here around 930 at night. we had some drinks, listened to 80s music while hanging out and then called a cab and headed to Tatoo Rock Parlour on queen w. the first time i went was last year for my friends leather and lace themed birthday. it was still just as good. the music is like old school rock and some new stuff. then they throw in journey, shout (a little bit softer now..), twist and shout and you got yourself a good night of girlfriends and dancing.tequila shots for my friends..none for me!she's pretty happy :)didn't even realize we were locking arms hahahaving a pretty good timemy friends are pretty, then we decided to make 'surprised' faces, for whatever reason..

and a quick 15 second video, we had no idea a video was even taping lol that always makes things better!

of course when we left it was pouring rain, thank god we had our jackets to put over our heads. all we wanted was pizza, or a falafel, but sadly, we didn't pass anything. we kept walking and walking and all of the cabs were taken! our feet were hating us. finally, about half way home (or a 20-30 minute walk, due to slow steps in heels), we got a cab. we got home still hungry at about 3am, called numerous pizza places and they were all closed. finally we found one, ordered a large and just waited. we watched the movie disturbia (still love that movie) in the meantime and the pizza finally got here at about 435 am!! ahhh seriously?! we ate up and then by the time we finished and were ready to go to bed, it was 530 and the sky was lighting up lol we were dying. then they had to get up at 10am, even though we woke up 930, to get back home to go to work. their next trip up will definitely be a beach day! :)


Carina the Blogarina said...

Looks like fun!! I love your friend purple tank top, such a nice color!

Amanda said...

I love Tattoo. Always a great time. A friend of mine is the DJ for the In Crowd (I think its on Thursdays) and they play lots of great old 60s music.

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