Tuesday, May 25, 2010

sun, sand, beaches

monday was victoria day-aka a holiday!-and boy was it gorgeous. it was a hot 30degrees and dylan and i enjoyed sitting on a patio and laying on the beach.this truck was just cute..

drinks to be had..burgers to be eaten..(2 patties may i add-1f full pound..because it was the special and it was the same price as a 1 pattie burger!! i did not finish it, no lol)10 second timers to be set...rock balancing sculptures to be seen...funny tan lines (attempted) to be made haha didn't work..as you can see, the beach was the place to be yesterday, or any day in the summer really..

it was a great day; i got no color-no tan, no burn that could turn into a tan-what gives?! we were out for 5+ hours!! we got back home around 5, had another little something to eat, changed and pretty much turned right back around and went back to the beaches for the fireworks, with chloe! since this post is already long, i'll leave that for tomorrow :)


amy anne said...

I always order specials too if it contains more food for the same price, it's the principle of the matter! haha

Emily @ TheLastWord said...

Looks like an amazing day . . . ahh i wish I lived near the beach!

Magpie said...

I want that truck! Also I see you're wearing that pretty bikini you bought, good call!

I wish it was sunny like that over here! Now I want FOOD, that burger of yours is making me HONGREH!

Bridget said...

that looks like a fun day-- and i love your header picture.

Mariel Torres said...

what a cute green truck! looks like quite a good time :)

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