Monday, May 10, 2010

random & another award!

first off, i must say-yesterday was freezing!! what gives!? i seriously pulled out my fall/winter coat..ahhh! so, as everyone knows, it was mothers day. my mom came to toronto and we went and had lunch at 7 west cafe. i love this place. and it's open 24/7. it seriously never closes; ever. it's a perfect little date spot for me and dylan too. after lunch, we walked around the city a bit, grabbed some starbucks, then came back and took chloe for a walk. then we just hung around my place for the night and watched the finale of amazing race and desperate housewives. i love my mom. then she went back home..
next up...i got the 'sweet award' from both Carina and Kim Humes, so thank you ladies! because i'm kind of lazy (sorrrry) i'm going to pass this on to two people.

Cassie and
Amy Anne

and lastly, i start summer classes today...booo. i've never taken courses in the summer before, so i'm not too sure what to expect. it's not like they're exciting classes either. oh well, i need them done before going into next year. and it's only 2 days a week.
have a good monday, as good as mondays can be!


Cassie said...

aww thank you so much for giving me this award!! :)

amy anne said...

Thanks so much for the award!! What fun!

Kim Humes said...

haha that's too funny that you got the award twice! I guess that means you're extra sweet! It was also freezing here for mother's day and I also watched the AR finale - what did you think of the results?! Personally I was just glad the stupid models didn't win. Karma came back and bit them in the butt, just like it always does

Bree said...

haha extra sweet ;)
AR finale-ya the models bickered a lot and were pretty rude. the cowboys were nice and all but i still wanted the the brothers to win, and they did! yay for them. even though they cut in front of the cowboys at the airport which kinda irked me..

the southern hostess said...

Love your blog! And I went to NYU so your Strawberry Fest post made me so very happy!

Kristin said...

Freezing? Come here! It's hot hot hot!

Dylana Suarez said...

Just came across your blog! It is lovely!

Kim Humes said...

Ya if I were the cowboys I'd be kinda pissed, but at the same time it IS the last leg and you have to be strategic if you expect to win, and they definitely were. I just don't think the cowboys were cutthroat enough - they were too nice lol. The fact that they asked to be put in first class I think is what did it for the bros though. I liked that they won too! Very touching - they wanted it SO bad!

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