Friday, April 16, 2010

sweet disposition

starting the day right, with the windows wide open, sun shining in, a hot coffee (in the cute little mug i got at a garage sale from the neighbors across the street; they're so sweet, they gave it to me for free!), and the journal dylan got me for christmas.
actually, i took this picture yesterday, and the sunshine is now a lie. it's overcast. but the windows are still open, i still have my coffee and my journal out.

in other news, happy friday! i'm studying/reviewing all weekend for my last exam on tuesday in criminal law and procedure! yay
i also have to buy my dad a birthday gift soon..he's a toughy to buy for, hmm...
do you guys have anything fun planned??

a little update: it's super sunny and pretty hot, i'm wearing shorts and a tshirt..oh happy day.


Lauren said...

journaling is the best! Except, I never get to choose my own journal, everyone gives me journals as presents on special occasions.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Good Luck on your last exam! I have plenty more to go :( lame. haha

Iva said...

Happy Friday and good luck on your exam!!!

Magpie said...

Good luck with the study! I love the look of that journal!!

Shayna said...

Good luck shopping - my father is notoriously difficult as well (I've found myself actively hoping his beloved Cross pen will finally die so I can replace it) - I did have major success this year with buying him a coin on Ebay (he collects them... it's a boring but generally un-offensive hobby, excepting the fact that the coins took up too much space in the fire proof safe for my high school diploma)

rbandj said...

i just pulled out my old journal today because of this post... made me want to start writing again. thanks! (;

Bree said...

thanks guys! and j, glad i could help ;)

Anonymous said...

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