Wednesday, March 3, 2010

staring at a blank page..

that's about

this paper is taking its toll on me!! i have to play the role of the defense counsel (or the crown or the judge, but i chose defense) and argue a case about farmer who was arrested for weapons and drug offenses..blah blah blah--a whole search and seizure case. i just cannot.get.started.
it's due tomorrow at 6pm...i am about 99.9% sure i will be handing it in late on friday, and take the 2% deduction. because you know, paper after paper, test after test, i need a damn break! i'm starting it, it's not that i'm just leaving it..but i am working very slowly. and dammit, i will allow myself one thing late! ugh.

so very true...pic here

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Anonymous said...

i remember writing a very similar paper myself.
love the graph- sooo true


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