Monday, March 1, 2010

i'm a master...

so i have been tagged to do this little info session by joyanna of rbandj. it was a while ago, but at least i'm doing it! actually, it has just taken me a while to think of things lol
so here we go, i am supposed to list 6 things i am a master of and then pass it on to 6 others. so, without further ado...

1) i am a master of grilled cheese. i swear, i could open a restaurant with just grilled cheese goodness-they are always perfection if i do say so mom even asks me what i'm eating when i'm talking to her on the phone and she hears the "CRUNCH" ha

2) i am a master of essays/papers-well no not really, but i seem to have to write 1 or 2 a week, and while i may have mild breakdowns in the middle, i always get through and do pretty well..(i don't even want to think about how many papers i have written in college and univeristy-i'm gonna go with about 70-80--seriously)

3) i am a master of reality tv-you name it, i pretty much watch it-sad stuff, really. the bachelor (ette), jersey shore (barf), buried life, million dollar listing, food network stuff, ugly betty, and everything in between...

4) i am a master of booking cheap trips-true thing! mostly NYC, the first year dylan and i went, we payed $80 for a return trip on a bus, the next year it was $18 and this year, $14..i know where to find the good deals ;)

5) i am a master of listening...i think i am a pretty good listener-i enjoy what people have to say (for the most part lol) and i used to want to be a therapist so i could listen to people's lives all day...

6) i am a master of procrastination--ok who isn't?? like really!? case in point-i have a paper to work on due tomorrow, and i am doing this lol and i also have one due thursday FML...actually, i am a master of school procrastination in particular-everything else in my life, i am completely organized and on track with. i am a stickler for being on time.

so, that was actually quite hard!! now, i pass this on to anyone who would like to fill this out too and tell me what you're a master of!

why is this underlined and i cant get rid of it?! ugh..blogger is so confusing sometimes!


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