Sunday, March 14, 2010

balls of delight called cake-pops

i found the website bakerella last week and i immediately fell in love and wanted to make everything on there! i decided i would try the cake-pops first. first you make a regular ole cake (i used boxed for the first time, just in case they didn't turn out and i had wasted my time actually making homemade cake) and let it cool. once it's cool, you crumble it in a bowl.
then, you mix in icing once it's completely crumbled.
and you make weird faces.then, roll into little balls.and get your hands dirty.
then, sticks go in (or not, it's optional), and the balls go in the fridge to set for a bit, or the freezer for faster results.
the fun part is next. getting different colors of candy coating, melting each at a different time. i just melted mine in a mug and then stuck the cake ball, got it fully covered and it took out and spun it around a bit to dry. i had nothing to stick them upright in, so i had to put them back down on the baking sheet, which gave them a flat top..not happy, but now i know for next they are! i love the look of them!as you can see, some were a bit bumpy, but pretty decent for a first-timer.

my parents both absolutely died over did dylan and friend even came over to grab one before she went to work..and dylan took 2 to work and everyone was ohhing and ahhing over how good they were.
seriously, A+ in my books, and these are absolutely being made again. i would love to do them with red velvet cake next time...i'm already drooling...

(i made 10 cupcakes and one 8'' cake pan with the one box of cake mix..once again, in case these pops didn't turn out, at least i got a few cupcakes out of it. so, that being said, i would have been able to make a lot more cake-pops had i not made the cupcakes too)

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