Saturday, February 13, 2010

valentines treats

on friday, i couldn't help myself...i had to make my valentines day cakes early. actually at about 930am, i made these little chocolate hearts...i saw it on regis and kelly earlier in the week, and so i just tried a few..some are better than others ha but i only made about 8 just to see. then in the afternoon i made red velvet whoopie pies!! woot woot

i found they were easier and took a lot less time than the regular red velvet cake i make..and they were sooo good!!! although i do have to say-the recipe called to put parchment paper down on the cookie sheet-and i put wax paper, thinking it was the same thing. about 5 minutes after being in the oven, it started smoking lol luckily, the cakes had already started to set in that time, so they were able to be transfered over to parchment paper and put back in the oven easily..and then they came out about another 7 minutes later, the house smelled great and i iced away with the cream cheese frosting. this recipe is a keeper!

1 comment:

rbandj said...

oh my gosh, those look absolutely delicious.

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