Friday, February 5, 2010

drop everything for love...

i saw this link on the glamour blog and had to try it out. i was filling out the info after i made the little video and it asked for my address, city what not and zip code-and it wouldn't let me put in letters (here in canada, we have letters and numbers in our postal codes) so i made one up! lol the video had to be reviewed and i totally didn't think it would make it through because of that, but it did! haha anyways, i'm a nerd on camera, totally awkward and it's kinda hard to tell what i'm saying at parts, but check it out here if you want :)

i think it is a totally cute idea, and there are a few different 'themes' to choose from, in regards to what questions they ask you.
love love *

and for some reason, it will only open on my internet explorer, not firefox..maybe that's just my computer...

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