Sunday, January 3, 2010


so on new years eve, in toronto, it rained all day.
dylan and i trecked the city for a 32gb itouch...
finally found one and am totally thrilled with it!
then we got back to my place and started getting ready for the night.
we went to a friends for some drinks and food and then went out to red room-not the original plan, but still ended up being a good time. it was actually just what i wanted, we all sat at a table, drinking, laughing and having a great time. and the sangria was delish!!
the next morning, we went for coffee at our fave little cafe, went home, hung out then back to my parents place for one more night.

when we were having our coffee, there was a little blizzard going on outside! you cant tell in this picture at all for some reason, but there was snow blowing everywhere!!


Dylan said...

This was a fun night

Dylan said...

You're smoking hot baby.

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