Tuesday, December 22, 2009

take #26

it took us 28 tries to get a decent photo-we used #26 i think..and even at that, chloe isnt looking at the camera..damn dog! lol
surprisingly, even though we mailed them yesterday, my grandma got hers in the mail today-talk about speedy service.
we tried some standing up-chloe is yawning..we tried some sitting in a chair-chloe is giving the elvis lip...suuure-when im not in the picture, chloe looks right at it.then we tried some on the ground-and chloes hat covered her eyes and she stuck out her tonge-and dyls eyes are drunk..and my hand is awkwardy between my legs-FAIL on all accounts.finally, we picked this one-chloe isnt looking, and she is flashing her lovely bare belly-but what are you gonna do eh? lol

its only being given to both our parents, grandparents, some of his aunts and uncles and 2 of our friends. it started as kind of a joke, but we actually kind of like it ha new family tradition!

flash got in the way of the merry christmas part.
well, there ya have it!

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