Saturday, December 26, 2009

christmas = done..

well, dylan loved everything i got him! which im happy about (sweater and scarf he is wearing, the frame and a wallet)...and i loved what he got me too, hes always worried, but hes got good taste ;) i got new converse runners, 2 sweaters and a handmade notebook from etsy as a 'journal' for the both of us, to kind of write things we do together and such.

after christmas dinner, we came home and took some ridiculous pictures while the tripod was still set up and while we were waiting for my parents to start a movie-those will definitely be posted, probably tmrw, they involve a wig, and dancing..

today=driving around in parking lots and braving the boxing day sales. i went with dylan this morning about 1030, he worked at 12, so we had some time to walk around. bought nothing, no great sales or anything worthwhile. then my friend picked me up when i got home and we went to another mall-omg, the parking lot was INSANE!! we must have drove around for about 20 minutes and luckily, got the best spot right in front of the 2 stores we wanted. forever 21 had some good stuff, i was going to get 3 tshirts @ 4.50 each and 2 nail polishes (woop-di-dooo! ha), but since my friend wasnt getting anything, i decided it was pointless to wait in a long ass line for plain tshirts-that werent even on sale. i can get them when i go back to toronto..

tonight is just relaxing. im finishing a book, starting a new one, watching some real housewives of atlanta-its all good!

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