Wednesday, November 25, 2009

worst week ever

*gloomy, crappy weather--ie grey skies, fog, and rain
*grumpy PMS
*stress to the max with school--2 papers due mon and tues. and i feel completely lost with them..
*no hot water in the shower yesterday or today (yesterday i put up with it, today..nope, sorry)
hmm what else??
*waking up at 7am every morning with my internal alarm -thanks- and not being able to fall back asleep because my mind goes racing with due dates and school crap
*final exam on tuesday night---not ready at all
*doctor appt next wed for my throat-i absolutely hate going to the dr..

the only thing getting me through..dylan coming up tomorrow for the weekend..
lady gaga on saturday and possibly ice skating outdoor in the city
my parents coming up on sunday for dinner

guess my writers block should stop any time now eh??

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