Sunday, November 15, 2009

santa claus is in town!

today was the 105th annual santa claus parade in toronto! yay. the weather was nothing like yesterday (it was like 15 degrees, sunny, fabulous, say what?!), it was about 12 degrees, but overcast. but boy do the crowds get there early for good seats. dylans brother came last night so he could come with us, so this morning just after 10, we went to go get breakfast and the sidewalks were already being lined with chairs and tonnes of people; of course the roads were already blocked off. so after we ate, which was about 11, we found a spot and parked ourselves there. no chairs- except i was able to sit on a newspaper box. then the parade started just after 12.
brothers.just passing time before it starts...santa's workshop! that means santa isnt far behind..the people on the roof dropped popcorn/'snow' when santa was coming bythere is the big man himself! MERRY CHRISTMAS almostbecause we were near the beginning of the parade, after santa went by, everyone just started following the float and it was just thousands of people and more were joining with every step. it was pretty cool.

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