Wednesday, October 21, 2009

writing machine

i am almost done yet another paper!! big sigh of relief-well not quite yet, i still have one page left...should hopefully be fairly simple to finish..about how courts develop legal tests for criminal cases dealing with obscenity and indecency..mmmhmm ...

too bad i have 2 midterms next week-monday and tuesday..soo that means ill be in the library and studying for the better part of the weekend, actually starting tmrw morning, seeing as my only class standing in the way of my weekend is tmrw at 6pm.

soo thats all--studying, papers, a lil chloe time, and thats it !

oh, and whenever i shut the tv off at night in my living room, chloe knows
its time for bed, so she heads into the bedroom and jumps on
my bed. 99% of the time, she sleeps in her crate at night still, except the few
times she will sleep with me and dylan..anyways, last night, i shut the tv off, and she ran
for the bed. when i called her to her crate, she just looked at me, layed down and basically
pretended to be asleep...she got me..i got played..and chloe won.
she got to sleep on the bed.

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