Friday, October 16, 2009

i've got nothin..

nothing new, nothing exciting, school is still kickin my a*s and taking all my time...the just finishing a paper, then i gotta drop it off, and perhaps grab a coffee somewhere and sit and read for a bit-bc i am like oh so far behind in 2 classes-thats what happens you dont do the readings for just ONE week!! boo you...
umm this weekend?? sure doesnt feel like one..prep for some tests next week, another assignment, reading, a little eating, a little dylan time.
on another note, my parents in old montreal right now.umm jealous!! theyre loving it and took tonnes of pics. i wish dyl and i go in november, but i think it will just be too darn cold-my mom says theyre freezing now even!!
but, i think thats all..maybe ill be back if something interesting happens soon, cuz that would be nice lol

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