Thursday, October 8, 2009

geeez louis!

school is taking over my life! i have no time for anything, except a little free time on the weekends...i came home to my parents this weekend (well last night) for the weekend *thanksgiving!!* yummmm...of course, i had to bring a whole backpack worth of texts and notebooks..sigh....damn you higher education!! haha but its all good...i suppose..

anyways, nuit blanche last saturday was OK...i mea
n, there was far to many people around, and we certainly didnt see enough "art", but it was fun to get out and walk around the city late at night.
blurry, but you get the idea-it was neat to see a huge slide right in the middle of the financial was there, along with another ride, to simulte the 'ups and downs of the market/economy'and the other*

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