Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the heffernans

my moms spending a few days in toronto with me this week..
yesterday after the dentist we drove along lakeshore to get here, stopping in downtown oakville to look in all the little shops and such. then we went to the eaton centre, home for a bit and out for some dinner. today we went along bloor-im still looking for things for new york, tried on about 10 dresses-didnt like any, they all made me look huge; quite brutal-then we continued on to the bata shoe museum. it was OK, not great, we both thought there would be more victorian type shoes, and heels, and elegant ones; not so much. instead there was plenty of native shoes like mocassins, old indian slippers and so on from every country and origin.

we were quite hungry after that and in the mood for indian for some reason-we passed a buffet for 8.95 which we nabbed. cant say ive ever had too much indian food but we were both quite pleased!! not a big selection, but what was there was yummy!! :) we headed home stuffed and hung out at home for a bit.

now, we were watching king of queens while eating some dinner-a show me and dyl love. all of a sudden, my moms like "doug reminds me of dylan" lol i just started laughing bc me and dylan always watch the show and say its us! now, im not a bitch like carrie, but i can be bossy towards him and like things my way lol anyways i just thought that was funny.

what a great show-gotta love reruns

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Dylan said...

HAHAHA! Love it.

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