Monday, May 25, 2009

bikram yoga

wow, what an experience

we walked in the room, and surpisingly, it wasnt quite as hot as i had worked myself up to think. granted, it was still like being in a sauna. so we layed there on our mats, waiting for the class to start. a few minutes later, i have sweat forming on my back already lol greattt im not even moving yet!!

anyways, there was about 12 people in this class. me and dylan were the only 1st day people, but a few others who were only on their 2nd day, so we felt better. the class started and i was doing ok...before class, me and dylan had imagined that we would laughing at ourselves not being able to the poses and what not. but surpisingly, as soon as class started, we both zoned right in, and barely looked at each other. after maybe ide say, 25 minutes or so, i started to get faint. so i had to lay down. i was then ok to continue on again. sweat was pouring off of me like ive never seen, and i didnt even think my body had it in me to sweat that much! lol

the poses were getting more difficult as the time went on, and later on again, i had to sit down. but its really amazing how flexible you become in the heat. i was able to do things that i never thought possible! quite awesome. the class was coming to an end, and we were both struggling our way through. it wasnt even the heat that was bothering me in the end. its once you get to like pose maybe 17 and on, you have to lay down and then get up quickly into the next pose, then lay down, and up quickly to next pose, and so get the point...i think the fas pase from up and down really took a toll on me and did me in.

need less to say, we finished the class and were impressed with ourselves. the teachers and front desk were happy too! haha half the battle of the first class is staying in the room...
so we ended up buying the 7 day trial pass for $ have all week to go and try it ...
i didnt go today, but i plan on going tmrw and possibly wednesday, and thursday ..and maybe friday and saturday?!? hmmm we'll see..i really WANT TO like this, and i know i just have to give me body a chance to get used to the heat. plus, the benefits of this: like toning, and the exercise and flexibility will be rewarding also. so i will MAKE myself like this lol
the only downfall: its quite costly..monthly, 10 passes..ya $$$$

anywho..thats my first time experience
hot, sweaty, challenging, intense, and rewarding..all wrapped up in one 90 minute heat wave.

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