Tuesday, April 28, 2009

life's a beach

yesterday was another awesome day at the beach.. we left nice and early..well not too early, about 1030ish and hopped on the street car-dyl and chloe in tow-and she had a blast on the car lol head out the window a bit, wind in her hair haha. we got to the beach and it was still a little cool because it was early and by the water, but we hung out there for a bit and had some fun.

after hanging out on the beach, we grabbed a $5 pizza from pizza pizza, sat on a bench and ate it, and then walked around a bit...we admired the 'gingerbread houses' as i call them-the ones which we dream to live in one day--common, theyre ON the beach and are colorful and adorable!! they are either white, yellow, blue, or this reddish color--we love! <3>

after leaving the beach, we walked for another good hour around the neighbourhood, made friends with a 160lb female great dane (puppy) -which we would also love to have one day lol -and then continued on our way home. we were exhausted and chloe sure was too! we were home for about 10 minutes, then went out to meet our friend who is moving to nova scotia in a week :S we went and had some sangria at the green room (after much walking from bar to bar-the ones with patios anyways)--i just wanted a frozen drink and no one could give it to me! ahhh --so we ended up there, had some drinks, convos and said our goodbyes ..maybe me and dylan will make a trip out that way this summer..well have to see.

today--its raining, and i came back home last night with dylan, my parents came to get us--he has this orientation thing today for a new 'job' haha we might head back to TO for the weekend, bc on monday, he starts summer school! ahh

well im gonna read for a bit..nothing else much to do around here-especially when its raining booo

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