Monday, April 6, 2009

its monday

and well its raining!! again.. and also so darn cold!! geesh, yesterday was almost 15 and beautiful, i went for a walk with chloe and did the stairs--which was like a highway at rush hour it was so busy, the runners all come out on the nice days thats forsure--and today its only 1 eww (and possible snow!?! really??)
it's 7:52 right now and i have class at 10 until last HIV class :( i really enjoyed this semester..
i'm still pretty tired, last night i hooked into a TLC show about women who didnt know they were pregnant. talk about crazy and scary..

well my stomach is growling and i guess its time to brave the rain to take chloe out for her pee..sometimes i wish i had just one pee pad!! to use for like emergencies, or just when the weather sucks and i dont wanna go outside lol she loves the rain, but hates when she comes back in and is soaking wet, so she runs around like a maniac to dry off, but dont worry, i dry her with a towel's a picture of her in full force..

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