Friday, May 13, 2016

ICELAND - glacier hike and skogafoss...

after checking out the black sand beach, we headed on our for our glacier hike on solheimajokull glacier. i thought i would  be totally fine because i walk everywhere in toronto, but guys, i was dying walking those inclines. i was slowing down to a snail's pace and just wanted to crash on a couch! but! we made it and it was a pretty neat experience and now we can say that we've hiked on a glacier. 

it's about a 20 minute walk from the base camp to the actual glacier and that's because it's receded so much over the years. pretty sad when you think about it.

where the incline started getting to me.

 see all that black in the distance? that used to all be glacier.

our next stop was skogafoss. there was a beautiful rainbow over the waterfall and the sun was shining. there just seems to be waterfalls at every turn in this country.

beauty, i tell ya.

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