Thursday, April 28, 2016

ICELAND - black sand beach...

sunday was another day to finish seeing what we missed on saturday and drive around as we please. the only thing we had planned was a glacier hike in the afternoon. after breakfast we started driving towards the black sand beach and, of course, stopped at a million places in between to take pictures.
 where we rested our heads saturday night - fosshotel nupar.

 waterfall on the side of the road.

 i had read online to fill up whenever you pass a gas station (even if you've only used 1/4 tank) because you never know when you'll pass a gas station again.

 moss covered lava fields.

 i kind of forget what the story is here. there used to be a farmer here or something and everyone that passed the land to get to his house is supposed to place a rock on a pile for good luck? maybe?

 blue skies and black sand.

 the waves here are ridiculous! extremely high and powerful.


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