Thursday, May 19, 2016

ICELAND - the secret pool - seljavallalaug...

the part of the trip i think i was most excited for was trying to find this secret pool i had read about online - seljavallalaug. it's one of the oldest pools in iceland and it was built in 1923. you have to park your car just off the highway, walk about 15 minutes, and cross a few streams. you literally are walking between these huge mountains and i was totally worried that we wouldn't find it, but all of a sudden it just appears. it was so nice to relax in this warm pool after our glacier hike. truly an amazing experience.

 we were kind of following the people in front of us and hoping they knew where they were going.

heading back to the car.

the change rooms are less than desirable, but honestly, you're there for the views and the pool itself. close your eyes, change quickly, and get in that pool! it's surprisingly warm (not as warm as the blue lagoon), but it was so nice to just swim around and take in the surroundings. it was definitely one of my favourite parts of the trip.

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