How We Met...

if you want the whole big story, go here for the post. .or i'll just give a quick little outline ...

the time is october 2006
boy and girl go to the same college, both really not supposed to be there at the same time..
boy notices girl in class, girl notices boy always has something to say in class..
one time after a test, boy asks girl what she is doing on break. girl says going to the mall with a friend...
boy asks if he can come along, girl says ok, thinking he won't really..
boy really comes, girl doesn't know his name and introduces boy with the wrong name to friend..
boy makes girl and friend laugh at the mall..
boy and girl start studying together and hanging out the odd thing, but girl thinks he has a thing for someone else..
finally, girl realizes boy likes her, and she likes him..
they start dating, graduate from college that year, and then go to separate universities an hour apart but make it work..
my birthday 2010-i don't normally wear crowns just because ;)
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