Friday, March 18, 2016

parc omega...

just before valentine's day, i had seen a viral video on the huffington post of a little girl feeding what appeared to be wildlife from the backseat of a car. there were plenty of comments  saying how irresponsible the parents were etc. etc. but there was one commenter replying to literally every single comment saying "it's parc omega! these animals are totally friendly!" so i had to look this place up. immediately i knew it was somewhere i needed to go. i told dylan about it and he said we should go that weekend, but looking at the temperatures, it was supposed to the coldest weekend of the winter at about -30 degrees. but, the more i looked at pictures, i just couldn't put this place off. the next morning, saturday at 6:30am, we were packing up the car for a drive to montebello, quebec (about 5 hours from us) and then a night in montreal after the parc.

anyways, parc omega is a giant park that you drive through and feed a whole bunch of animals (you can buy carrots for $2 a bag at the gift shop). some are behind fences (wolves, foxes, buffalo), but quite a few just wander around. they are all super friendly and it's quite possibly the best thing i've ever done. we couldn't stop laughing the entire time.

they are everywhere.
here they come!
oh hello.

baby boars. they were so cute.

having the time of my life.

it was even colder in quebec than we imagined. it was nearing -40 and i've just never experienced cold like that in my life. that's coming from someone who actually likes winter and the cold over the summer. my nose immediately froze when we got out of the car and were walking up to the sugar shack and i started to panic because i couldn't feel it when i touched my face! we grabbed our maple syrup taffy and quickly went into the heated shack before running back down to the car.

be careful of these guys! they gave our car a little ram with their horns when they wanted more carrots!


and because 1 million pictures aren't enough, dylan put together a little video of our day here.


Nikki said...

Love it - what a fun trip!x

daniela said...

They are so cute!! I loved these pics when you posted them on instagram and I came here to love them all over again :)
honestly, you guys have the BEST adventures! I may steal some (all) of your ideas because we are NOT adventurous (I blame Mike) and I don't want to be an 80 yr old stuck in a 30 yr old's body. Thank you very much :P

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