Tuesday, April 5, 2016

ICELAND - day one...

what a whirlwind of a weekend we recently had. after years of wanting to go and what felt like ages of planning, we were finally on our way to iceland over the easter long weekend. our flight was at 9pm on thursday and after about 5 hours, we arrived at the airport around 6:30am (2:30am toronto time). we picked up our rental car right from the airport and made our way to reykjavik to grab some breakfast. i'll be honest, for the first 2-3 hours, i felt so nauseous, so overtired, like i was going to throw up, and like we had made a huge mistake planning a full day straight until about 9pm on the day we landed. we barely slept on the flight and my body just doesn't do well when i don't get enough sleep. however, a tylenol, some food, and coffee later, i was feeling much better and was ready to go.

the first thing we did after breakfast was take a walk around reykjavik. it's such a charming little place and so colorful. we made our way towards the famous church that you're sure to see in all of the pictures of the city and waited in line to get to the top to see the best view of the city.

 free alcohol in the lounge calm the nerves (i'm the nervous flier of us).

 we made it!

 so pretty.

 a perfectly clear day to welcome us.

i think the entrance fee was about $6 a person. we got there around 10am and waited in line for 10-15 minutes.

after walking around a bit, we were able to check into our hotel a bit early, get ourselves freshened up, and make our way to our first activity of the day - a quad tour! we chose the twin peaks tour with safari quads and it was awesome! highly recommend checking them out.

 all lined up and ready to go explore the mountains.

 we chose to share a quad since i have no idea how to ride one. i will say, sitting in the back was actually very comfortable.
 at the top of the first peak.

definitely having a blast.

 the second peak was more of a city view, rather than just mountains.

 you can see hallgrímskirkja (the church) in the very centre of the picture.

i will say that at the top of the mountains, the wind is unbelievable. i took my gloves off to take some pictures and they almost immediately froze! i could barely do my zipper back up after putting my phone in my pocket they were so frozen. that said, it really was such a great experience. it was a small group of only about 8 quads plus 2 guides which was nice. so, if you're ever in iceland, i highly recommend doing this tour!

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