Friday, February 12, 2016

icewine festival...

54488-117-0E3D63045C06151A7006F7A187F8BBC7a few weeks ago we spent a chilly saturday at the niagara icewine festival sippin' drinks and munching on samples of yummy food. i love icewine and could have had many more glasses than just the two that i did! it was a pretty small festival and didn't take us very long to get through, but delicious nonetheless.

more please.

french onion soup. yum.

afterwards we stopped at a winery because my parents had heard about their icewine marshmallows. i was skeptical. i mean, how good could it possibly be? turns out they're really good. 

caramelized sugar from being soaked in icewine. divine.  

we're ready for the long weekend ahead of us, but we're unsure as to what we're going to do. we're sitting at -9 degrees right now (and the 'feels like' is -18) and tomorrow is supposed to be worse, so i guess we'll just see what the weekend brings. whatever it is, i'm sure we'll have 101 layers on.

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